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Since 1978 Enolandia has been producing items for family wine bottlers.

In 1980 a new product was studied and tested to give more impulse to sales. In 1981, after 14 months of research and experiments, the new product was ready: “Tappovin il Sugheroso”, a cork 24×35, completely in polyetilene, addressed to the family consumption and distributed through house ware shops.

The health tests were completely positive in terms of absence of toxicity and neutrality with wine flavours. The success of Tappovin was limited at the beginning but grew in the next years and was well adopted especially for sparkling wine.

The long life tenure of Tappovin was then tested with results superior to conventional corks. Since 1995 wine bottlers, pushed by the problems and damaged caused by natural corks, have increased their interest in the new tappovin.

For this reason Enolandia is always studyng new models for every type of bottles and wines. Today we are among the top producers of synthetic corks (over 80 milion pieces a year) and the most qualified suppliers of wine bottlers with 9 types of items: Supercork (unlimited tenure), Medium, Fastcork, Super-T and Eco-T.